There has been increasing recognition that organisations should treat their customers and employees with a similar level of respect and priority. Being able to create unique, genuine and authentic experiences that solve customer and employee pain points is a source of competitive advantage – winning customers and employees hearts, minds and wallets.

As part of a recent thought leadership series, we brought together over 70 leaders for a unique discussion and workshop. We explored the power of designing an exceptional customer and employee experience (CX and EX) to deliver a competitive advantage for organisations. Our discussion was guided by valuable insights from our fantastic panel of experts:

  • Jodette Cleary, Chief People Officer from hipages
  • Stuart Tucker, Chief Customer Officer from hipages
  • Hollie King, Head of Sales Strategy, Operations and Finance from Qualtrics
  • Gillian Findlay, Chief Operating Officer from SafetyCulture
  • Fiona Glendinning, Chief Experience Officer from MinterEllison

Post our panel discussion we broke into small groups to discuss the following topics:

  • The commercial impact of CX & EX (The Why)
  • CX & EX in the marketplace economy (The How)
  • Scaling CX & EX globally at pace (The Where and What might be)