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The meaning of “temporary worker” has evolved and changed – significantly – over the last decade. And the need for a temp or contingent workforce, has also significantly changed. In a good way.

Don’t get me wrong, the temporary workforce and requirements for temporary hires has been around for years and years. My first desk when I entered the world of recruitment (many moons ago!), was a very busy, very successful, junior accounting temp desk. I had jobs and candidates coming out my ears. But they were mainly shorter-term roles with a defined timeframe, which was usually a matter of days or weeks. The term and need nowadays has a completely different meaning and can very often mean the need to bring in a temporary resource for the potential of 1-2 years.

The contingent workforce that now dominates our employment market has meant a significant shift in how companies approach the market and how they approach their recruitment process. Companies have significantly increased their engagement of contingent workers, with the reasons ranging from a means of managing rising labour costs to building agility across the workforce. The reality now is that we live in a rapidly changing marketplace which has been led largely by the millennial generation and the board range of skills available.

And I think some of the change has stemmed, from the shift of people wanting and focussing on climbing the career ladder and having complete security; to a move more towards flexibility, mobility, short-term experiences and the opportunity to (often), earn more $ $ $’s. But the benefits are not all one sided. Benefits for the employer are plenty –

  • Flexibility goes both ways! The world of work nowadays is a busy place, and often project driven – so the flexibility of bringing in temporary resources often gives an organisation the flexibility it needs and respond to demands and busy periods
  • Finding critical skills to bridge a skill gap – which is happening more and more in organisations that find it hard to recruit in some areas of the business
  • Speed of hiring! We live a in a time poor world, and recruitment can be a long and frustrating process – and an additional “to-do” that a hiring manager has to fit in along with their day job. Temps can be hired and brought in quickly, with a lot less “process” than hiring a permanent person.
  • Try before you Buy! Hiring a contractor is the PERFECT way of trying out talent before going through the whole permanent recruitment process.
  • Last but not least – cost. Not only is hiring a contractor a faster hiring process, it can also be a lot more cost effective than hiring a permanent employee. Despite potentially paying an initial higher salary (or equated rate), there is no additional costs like annual leave, sick leave, medical etc; and also the costs associated with onboarding & training.

The contingent workforce is becoming increasing important to bringing critical resources and fresh eyes into a business. And that can be anything from assisting through a busy year end, working on a critical transformation project or advising and executing a group wide corporate strategy.

Acquire Temps can help with all the above, so please contact me if you have any temporary, interim or project needs. GO TEMPS!