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The New Year tends to be anatural crossroads for many in their career and time for a change on a professional and personal level. We tend to see a natural spike in executive queries about looking for new positions in early 2019. This generally does coincide with the seasonal slow down throughout the Australian Christmas and summer holidays.

Reflecting on the market throughout 2018, it seemed to be a year of two halves.There is certainly discussion regarding whether the slow down can be attributed to factors associated with the pessimistic housing market, uncertain political climate and stock exchange fluctuations leading to an increased propensity for contract roles and a slight reduction on permanent roles currently. Regardless, there are certain factors you can control to make your go-to-market strategy potentially more successful. The first half January to June seemed to be one of the busiest periods for many years and we had multiple senior appointments across all of The Acquire Groups CFO, HR and Legal vertical’s.  Post financial year-end, whilst not quiet its has certainly been slower than the first half of the year.

Whilst the analysis of whether the latter half of 2018 slow down can be attributed to factors associated the pessimistic housing market, uncertain political climate can wait for another time. There are certain factors you can control to make your go-to-market strategy potentially more successful.

Goal-setting is one of the most effective ways to achieve results and a great time to explore what you want the year ahead to look like. Your goals should act as the catalyst to help direct you where you want to be, both in the short-term and long-term. Sit down to think about what you want in the new year, this means self-reflection, both personally and professionally. It also means asking yourself some important questions, such as; what is your intention? Is it the job role or the company you’ve outgrown? What do you need from your employer? What role do you desire? Based on your goals, start outlining a plan of action.

Networking doesn’t come easy to some. However, the festive season allows for a slightly more relaxed vibe where people are winding down and are more socially available for meet and greets, therefore your approach doesn’t need to be a formal introduction. This time of year is great to send out a few emails, check in or catch up with old colleagues, fellow students, school and university alumni and industry contacts. Perhaps you’re looking for a new role with your current employer? For bigger companies, it’s a time CEO’s and other C-Suite profiles make their rare appearances. Be confident, know your worth and start up a conversation, have your voice heard and your name remembered.

It might also be worth noting that you may not be alone in your thought process that the New Year is the time for a change. Research based on ten years of hiring data. Results saw candidate registrations surge in January, which could impact the chances of getting hired in January as so many people launch new job searches at the beginning of the year. It may be better, when applying, to wait for a calmer month. Statistically, according to the data, February is one of the best months in which the number of new jobs exceeds the year average.

If you are looking for further advice about your go to market strategy then please give us a call. In the meantime have a great Christmas and all the best for 2019.