We are often led to believe that the best approach in life and the way to succeed is to “never give up”. Of course, if we threw in the towel and gave up at the first hurdle at everything we do, we wouldn’t progress, succeed in anything or learn a great deal! But when it comes to your career, if we are all honest with ourselves, we have (all) at some stage in our careers, pondered with the thought – Should I quit and find a new job, or should I stick it out?

When it comes to your career, some people choose to take opportunities as they come, yet others will have a clear, time defined plan and they will stick to it. There are of course, plenty of benefits to having a clear, well thought out plan. But the reality is that often the road you think is the right road for you, might not actually be the best road to take.

Having doubts or uncertainties over whether you should stay in or move on from your current role is very common and absolutely normal. And this thought can happen at any time, no matter if you have been in your role for 2 months, 2 years or 20 years! And it can be a build up over time or it can come out the blue. And the reason for the thought in the first place, can stem from one or a multitude of reasons…I don’t get along with my boss …the hours are un reasonable … I’m not being challenged …I am putting more and more in and not getting recognised, or paid for it! The list goes on….

BUT HOW DO YOU REALLY KNOW when quitting and looking for something else is the right thing to do? Will the grass really be greener in another role or in another company?

What you do need to realise, firstly, is that the world of work is a confusing and often chaotic place! And the rules we may have followed in the past about climbing the career ladder and staying with one employer, have (unfortunately) changed. At least in the main.

The first thing you need to remind yourself of, is why you took the role (or joined that company) in the first place? Understanding your initial “why” and examining whether or not that still aligns with your role now will allow you to make a more rational decision on whether to stay, or whether to make a change. If your reasons go a bit deeper and are affecting your life outside of work negatively – your health, your relationships, your general well-being – then these are signs that suggest it is definitely time to make a move – into a new role / team with your current employer, or search for a new environment altogether

The most important thing to remember when having any of these thoughts, is to be completely honest with yourself as you consider your options for change. Really think about what needs to change and have clear clarity, confidence and control once you have made your decision.

There are lots of things to consider, but some simple thing’s to remember are

  • You don’t need to leave your company to change your life at work!
  • It’s never too late – no matter how old you are! This move doesn’t have to be your last!
  • Be confident in yourself, your decision and your ability!
  • You are not alone!

If you think its time for a change and are thinking of making a move and want advice about your go to market strategy, or need some advice how to make improvements at work, then please give us a call. We are here to help!