I recently caught up with Emma Hogan, Executive Director Customer Experience for Foxtel. Emma is responsible for the strategy and operational delivery for the Customer Experience Group, with a team of over 3,000 people across the business. Prior to this she led the People & Culture function for Foxtel for over 7 years. Emma has also held a number of senior HR leadership & people transformation roles within Qantas and Woolworths.

In the interview, we discovered her journey and the key themes of the modern day HR Executive. How the ‘People Leader’ needs to be highly commercial, still be the voice of the people whilst being a custodian of change. Emma shared one of her achievements where she developed her project management skills and leveraged her knowledge, skills and relationships to achieve a common goal.

Emma moved out of the HRD seat into a P&L / line role over two years ago. Noting her background was not the worlds SME for Customer Experience! It became clear quickly that “you don’t need to know everything to be effective as a leader”. Her experience and competencies developed over the years around strategy, leadership, and project management; coupled with talented functional leaders that were enabled was the recipe for success.

In closing, Emma shared some invaluable insights for leaders that may discover they have “imposter syndrome”. I concur with her remarks; if you have been given the keys (for a valid reason) then have the belief, and back yourself more!