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At The Acquire Group, we understand the value and invest a lot of time and effort into building and curating a fantastic community of leaders through our events, articles and advisory support.

When it comes to events, whilst we and our guests always have fun on the night (usually over a vino!) which absolutely reflects our brand; we actually take them seriously to ensure we create an amazing experience that exceeds expectations. We are incredibly fortunate to have a diverse and high calibre community that range from NEDs and CEOs to HR to customer to finance to legal and more. We take care to personally invite specific members of our community to different events depending on the topic that we feel is most relevant or who we can enable them to meet. We are emotionally invested and genuinely get excited or disappointed when people say yes or no (luckily, very few people stand us up and we know how rare this is for free events, it is appreciated!!).

We understand and respect the value of people’s time so we develop our events with three goals in mind:

  • Educate: to create unique, topical and interesting content that isn’t available via other forums and will appeal to a cross-section of attendees;
  • Inspire: our amazing speakers are tasked with ensuring that every attendee walks away with an action that they can do tomorrow by providing real examples, not just high level or theoretical discussions; and
  • Connect: we want to ensure that given the diversity and quality of our community that everyone walks away with at least one new person to have coffee with the next week.

Equally, we like to share the themes we discover about what is on people’s minds based on the myriad of conversations we have through our articles on Viewpoint. These will range from ethical leadership or building high performing cultures to flexible working to market insights and helping people prepare to approach their search successfully. Fortunately, these are resonating with our community as we were proud to receive the award for 10th most socially engaged firm at the recent 2018 LinkedIn awards (yes, shameless plug!).

And of course almost every conversation we have involves an element of adding value and giving back, whether it be through direct feedback, sharing what other organisations are doing, mentoring or helping to solve problems – and of course source great talent!

You may ask: WHY?! Why do we spend so much time and emotional effort on building, inspiring, engaging and curating our community; always with the lens of quality over quantity (we have no desire to have a faceless community of 1000 invited to every event). For a few reasons:

  • because we like to give back but to do so authentically and in a way that stands out from the pack;
  • we are a sociable team who will find any excuse to celebrate and genuinely really like to spend time with our community so it’s fun; and
  • it helps create brand ambassadors in the market and we hope that what goes around comes around.

However, don’t just take our word for it:

Finally, to our fabulous community that we hold dearly and who have supported us throughout 2018, we say a BIG THANK YOU! WE hope you have a wonderful break over the holidays and look forward to seeing you in 2019. We have some awesome events planned, so stay tuned!