I am sure I’m not alone when I say that it’s not uncommon for the cold temperatures of Winter to arrive (often with a bang!) and suddenly we can feel a little unmotivated, a bit sluggish and already looking forward to the temperature rising and ditching the scarves and coats. Cold weather also brings cravings for hot food, early nights and more time curled up in front of the TV – which to be fair, isn’t a bad thing!

I really feel for the community that I support, it’s a double whammy as winter coincides with fiscal year end for the majority of Accountants. In the wonderful world of Accounting, this means diligently reviewing the year gone by, meeting strict year-end reporting deadlines which in turn means working extended hours/ days/weekends. I feel there is nothing worse than leaving the house early and returning home at the end of the day all in darkness.

Thoughts of a career move can happen at any time in your career for many different reasons but the shorter hours of daylight but longer hours at work can often be the trigger that brings on those thoughts, and wondering if the grass really is greener.

The decision and the ability to change employers is made a lot easier nowadays than it was even just 10 years ago. But still, for the most of us, it’s an extremely tough call to make the move into a new role with a new organization, especially if you have had a long and loyal tenure (I know this feeling very well having recently made this transition myself). Having worked in Accounting recruitment for over 15 years, I’ve met, advised and assisted hundreds of Finance professionals with their decision to make a career move. Two prominent periods in the calendar year are in mid-late January, following the Christmas break, and now! The start of a new fiscal year.

Landing the right role can take time, patience and preparation are important. And timing can be everything. A new Financial Year brings new headcount budget, the launch of new projects and naturally a wave of resignations, aka “new opportunities” (Bonus payment dates do also trigger timings!). Now could very well be the right time for you and your career to spring into action as many finance leaders are thinking about their resourcing needs and auctioning these once EOFY is out the way!

Time to put your thinking cap on and establish what your motives are for a move?

  • What type of work environment and culture are you looking for?
  • What does your future leader need to offer you to reach your goals, or get you closer?
  • What experience do you bring to the table and where do you want to develop?
  • What hygiene factors are important to you? – flexible working, location, rem etc.

What I enjoy about my job is working through the above with talented individuals looking to advance their careers. I like to help my candidates come to the right answers for them. What I REALLY love about my job is then helping them find the role, leader and employer that will make those answers real. If you are a recently Qualified Accountant / Analyst through to Head of Finance that is considering their next move then please connect with myself or the team at Acquire so we can make things “spring into action” for you.