We recently hosted a fantastic panel event for business leaders on effective business partnering. Our panel shared their insights on how talented functional leaders can truly partner with the business by employing a new set of competencies and in particular how critical attitude and approach is to being successful.

We were fortunate to have a truly high calibre panel comprised of two leaders who operate in business partner roles – Steve Reid, HR Director at oOh! Media and Peter Knott, Finance Director at BAI Communications. In addition, we had two former business partners who are now in operations roles and are business partnered themselves – Karen Bozic, GM Retail at Caltex and Anne Jackson, Head of Grocery at Goodman Fielder.

In Part 1 shared last month, Peter and Steve discussed how the role has evolved over time and that the knowledge, skills and approach that BPs found was effective in the past wont enable them to be successful in the future.

In Part 2 of the video series, Anne and Karen discuss how their own careers have developed from their functional expertise to now allow them to be operational business executives who absolutely rely on capable BPs in their cross-functional team to be successful, especially if they are new to the role. Their advice ranges from not being a typical functional expert to being a good listener to all areas of the business, including the front line, to understand how you can best support and enable the business to be successful.

Thanks again to our four amazing panel members who so generously shared their insights and experience and look forward to further discussion on this topic.

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