Why Seek? When
you can Acquire.

Identify, evaluate
then acquire the
best talent.


Define the assignment brief
Build talent profile maps
Market to key channels


Competency based interview
Independent referencing
Psych and Cognitive testing


Secure the best talent
Mitigate transition risks
Support On-boarding


Acquire Talent focuses solely on permanent recruitment for organisations that believe that people are their competitive edge. Our clients rely on us to search out and then deliver their future top talent.

Recruitment has evolved, with the advent of technology, on-site recruitment teams, RPO’s and a multitude of recruitment providers we consciously developed our offering to deliver both value and innovation. Our expertise lies beyond posting vacancies on job boards and filtering resumes – we focus our time and attention on:

  • Partnering with our clients on key talent acquisition – we identify, evaluate and only acquire the best talent for a specific position.
  • Identifying and supporting talented professionals, middle management and executives looking to advance their careers.



We fundamentally believe we can’t be all things to all people. We only work for 1/3rd of any given industry sector. We establish clear boundaries of whom we work for “our clients” and whom we will acquire talent (headhunt) from. This transparent operating model enables our Consultants to access the best talent without potential conflicts of interest.


Often organisations use multiple recruiters on a contingent basis to assist with a particular vacancy. This approach and subsequent process is fundamentally flawed – as are the levels of success (typically 1 in 5 roles placed). Clients partner with us exclusively to recruit a vacancy on their behalf. In return they receive a structured methodology to identification and evaluation of potential talent across the broader market. With the comfort of value based pricing and a success rate of over 90%.


Developing a career plan and then delivering on it is our quest. Our knowledge, expertise and networks coupled with our collective resources (assessments, mentors, coaches) provide a holistic approach to achieving career objectives and ensure we are genuine career custodians.



  • “The team at Acquire provided intelligence on our competitors leadership team, then subsequently secured two key hires by directly approaching them”.

    HR Director


Our Consultants have extensive experience in recruitment and search & selection. Delivering superior outcomes for Organisations + Individuals is a testament to our Consultants knowledge, networks and expertise. Our track record includes:

  • "Having had the benefit of their advice and guidance, I can certainly attest for their passion for realising opportunities, highly professional and proactive in seeking out a genuine and long term fit for all".

    Group General Manager Finance


Acquire Talent has developed a suite of services (our Talent Tools) to aid both Organisations + Individuals. Through our team and in partnership with external providers we are uniquely positioned to add value to all parties.


We don’t just build a database and house resumes. We develop talent pools that are built on relationships, conversations and assessment – the foundations of establishing value and trust. It is this that enables us to deliver collaborative talent acquisition between aspiring individuals and leading organisations. Alumni members of our Talent Pools gain valued market insights, independent advice and access to exclusive career opportunities. We welcome enquires from high calibre individuals that are focussed on career advancement:

In confidence, please submit your resume to: talentpools@acquiretalent.com.au


Our career coaches can help you to identify what is important to you – what would really give you satisfaction, make you feel fulfilled. We can help you clearly identify the skills and experience that you have accumulated and those that you need to develop to achieve your objectives. Together with your coach, you can analyse what you have found, set goals and then develop a strategy to achieve the career you want.

To enquire about our career coaching services: careercoaching@acquireknowledge.com.au


Acquiring talent to drive your business forward is hard enough, but the task doesn’t get any easier once they arrive on day one. Research has shown that the first 100 days of a leaders’ new role are the most crucial in terms of their future success and personal impact on your business. We can offer support to realise their potential and set them up for success. Our first 100-day programme commences pre joining – it supports three phases of Plan, Engage and Deliver our coaches works one on one on these key elements.

To enquire about our On-Boarding services email: onboarding@acquireknowledge.com.au


Acquire Talent partner with Verify. Australia’s preferred background checking company – established to provide a one-stop shop for background checks in the recruitment process. Verify aim to provide the highest quality, independent candidate background verification service, and take the guesswork out of the most critical stage of the talent selection process. Verify can assist with an extensive number of background checks including but not limited to:

  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Pre-Employment Medicals (Drug and Alcohol Testing, Functional Assessments, Vaccinations)
  • Financial Background Checks (Credit History Checks, ASIC Banned Register Checks)
  • Performance History Checks (Reference Checks, Employment History Checks, Global Media Checks)
  • Qualification Checks (Academic Qualification Checks, International Qualification Comparisons)
  • Licence Checks (Entitlement to Work Checks, Drivers Licence Checks, Trade Licence Checks)


To enquire about our independent candidate verification services email verification@acquiretalent.com.au

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