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I think it would be safe to say that there will have been times in life – especially through this year – when in simple terms, you may have lost your “mojo” and natural zest for life. Now that could be a short-lived feeling for a couple of hours, a day or two, or for some, a lot longer. You may have woken one morning and simply felt flat, an emotional fog (and I don’t mean due to the few wines you had the night before!), a feeling of emptiness, or a general feeling that something is lacking. I know I have!

Now please don’t think this article is going to be full of doom and gloom.…on the contrary. But this year especially, being constantly motivated, consistently positive, and always your normal happy self, would have been hard I think for any of us.

This year we have focused on keeping in touch with our community. The conversations Ive had have been a mix of being positive, negative, emotional, but so many that have been quite inspirational. Ive offered advice when I can, and talked through many different situations.

When I think about some of those conversations, so many were about having a purpose. But what does that mean?? It will mean different things to different people. It may be as simple as having responsibilities to your family or friends. Being a mum or a dad. Having a hobby that you love to do. Volunteering once a month. Being successful and satisfied in your job. Or simply going to the gym 3 times a week! All of these things create and offer a purpose and a meaning to get up in the morning. Get dressed. And get out the house. Some people may class these things as just general day to day duties or activities. They may be, but they still have a purpose behind them. Sometimes though, especially if we are feeling a little low, having a new sense of purpose may be all we need to get our zest for life back. A new sense of purpose to focus on. Maybe an activity we’ve never done before. Something that will take us out of our comfort zone. Something that will push us. Something new and exciting. Or simply a change in motivation.

I know for me, when I do something with purpose, I do it with determination. And that’s often just simple things like pushing myself hard at the gym or going way out of my comfort zone when my daughter asks if we can bake a cake (I seriously can’t bake…or I don’t think I can. They usually turn out OK!) Having a purpose in life though can also guide and help you make huge, often life changing decisions that will help shape goals, maybe a change in direction, maybe a change in career! Or simply influence your behaviour. That’s sometimes all we need!

As recruiters, we have the pleasure of meeting, getting to know and having great conversations with (lots!) of people. We don’t just find people new jobs & help our clients find top talent. We build relationships that last for years. One of my close candidates – and also now friend – was made redundant due to COVID. He had climbed the corporate ladder in his industry, he had a great life, amazing family etc etc. No complaints. Redundancy gave him lots of time on his hands, and lots of time to think. It made him realise that there was actually something missing. And that something missing, that gap, was the industry he worked in (and had done for 15 years). He is an extremely caring person, and he realised he wanted to work for a not for profit purpose led organisation. So he completed changed his focus on his approach to the market and now works for a well know charity. For now, he has filled, or maybe just changed, that purpose in life.

When you discover your true purpose, you will naturally want to devote your time and efforts into it, you will naturally want to spend time doing it, and you will naturally get better at it!!

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F Kennedy